the passive narrowtive

Vancouver, BC

This showcase high-performance and innovative home is an ultra-sustainable, Certified Passive House that has become an important part of Vancouver Architecture.

On the main floor there is an open-plan kitchen/dining/flex space, and a south-facing living area with 12′ high ceilings. The split-level upper floor has 3 spacious bedrooms and two bathrooms. On the lower-ground floor there is another living area and 2 bedrooms / bathrooms, one of which can either be part of the main house, or part of the secondary suite, which has a private entrance from a large light-well. The roof deck has spectacular views of the North-Shore Mountains.

To add further complication, the building is located on a narrow 25′ wide lot, requiring a clever space-efficient design with additional “fire spread” protection. Also, the site is located in a “Peat Bog” [soft soil] area requiring a highly engineered shoring, piling and structural system.

The development is part of the City of Vancouver / Passive House Canada’s Near Zero project.

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2021 Havan Awards for housing excellence:

  • Winner: Best Custom Home
  • Winner: Best High Performance Home
  • Winner: Excellence in Building Science Innovation
  • Winner: Best new kitchen

2021 Georgie Awards:

  • Finalist: Best Custom Home
  • Finalist: Best Environmental Initiative

Vancouver Sun: East Van passive home proves ‘unbuildable lot’ perfect site for narrow build [May 2021]
Podcast:  “Passive Passion” |  Havan’s “Measure Twice Cut Once” Season 2 [April 2021]

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