2022 National Awards for Housing Excellence (CHBA):

  • Winner: Best Detached Custom Home 

2022 Western Living Designers of the Year Award:

  • Finalist: Arthur Erickson Memorial Award for an Emerging Architect

2022 HAVAN Awards for housing excellence:

  • Finalist: Best Renovation

2022 SIPA Building Excellence Awards:

  • Winner: High Performance House

2022 Georgie Awards:

  • Finalist: Best Residential Renovation

2022 BSC Jerry Rouleau Awards for Excellence in Home Design (NAHB):

  • Winner: Panelised Home

2021 Western Living Designers of the Year Award:

  • Finalist: Arthur Erickson Memorial Award for an Emerging Architect

2021 HAVAN Leadership Awards:

  • Winner:  Gary Santini Education & Training Award

2021 Havan Awards for housing excellence:

  • Winner: Best Custom Home
  • Winner: Best High Performance Home
  • Winner: Excellence in Building Science Innovation
  • Winner: Best new kitchen

2021 Georgie Awards:

  • Finalist: Best Custom Home
  • Finalist: Best Environmental Initiative

2021 BUILD Magazine – Design and Build Awards:

  • Winner: Leaders of Innovation in Architecture

2020 Georgie Awards:

  • Finalist – Best Multi-Family Townhouse-Infill-Development

2019 Georgie Awards:

  • Winner: Best Multi-Family Townhouse-Infill-Development
  • Finalist: Best Custom Home
  • Finalist: Best Multi-Family Kitchen

2018 Ovation Awards:

  • Winner: BC Housing Award for Excellence in Innovative Housing Choices
  • Winner: Best Townhouse-Infill-Development
  • Finalist: Best Small-Scale Home

2018 Vancouver Home Show:

  • Winner: Best Exhibition Booth Design

2017 Georgie Awards:

  • Finalist: Best Multi-Family Infill-Development
  • Finalist: Best Multi-Family Kitchen
  • Finalist: Best Multi-Family Townhouse-Infill-Development

2017 Ovation Awards:

  • Winner:  Best Townhouse-Infill-Development 
  • Winner:  Best New Kitchen: Multi-Family Home 
  • Finalist:  Best Kitchen /Greatroom Renovation
  • Finalist:  Best Renovation – Single family home
  • Finalist:  Best Interior Design Display-Suite


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“East Van passive home proves ‘unbuildable lot’ perfect site for narrow build” [May 2021]

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“High Performance, passive and beautiful”

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